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While it is easy to find many laboratories for the production of traditional supplements, it is really difficult to find who can produce functional creams and chocolates. We are able to produce protein Cocokrema with a taste as good as the traditional but “functional” ones: without sugar, with a lot or a little protein (up to 40%), with “good” fats, with a low glycemic index. We already have over 10 ready-made flavors that we have developed with our pastry techniques from Italy. Also with some flavors in the vegan version. The same goes for chocolates. They are as good as the best Italian, Swiss or German chocolates, but functional: Sugar-free, high-protein, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. We can also make protein and functional but tasty muesli.

Advanced formulas

Our supplements are formulated based on scientific research making them give you real results.

ISO certifications

The two certifications ISO9001 and ISO22000 guarantee you that we produce with higher standards than those required by the European Ministries of Health

The best prices

We offer the cheapest prices ever on supplements and at the same time the quality of the best brands.